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D'angelo, C. M., Harris, C. J., Lundh, P., House, A., Leones, T., & Llorente, C. (2017). Examining the Types, Features, and Use of Instructional Materials in Afterschool Science: Afterschool Science Instructional Materials. School Science and Mathematics, 117(6), 269-281. link >


Kyza, E. A., Rosé, C. P., Hmelo-Silver, C. E., D'angelo, C. M., Maillet, K., Du Boulay, B., Woolf, B. P., Gašević, D., & Hoadley, C. (2015). CSCL 2015 presidential session: Grand challenges in technology-enhanced learning. In O. Lindwall, P. Hakkinen, T. Koschmann, P. Tchounikine, & S. Ludvigsen (Eds.), Exploring the Material Conditions of Learning: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference 2015, CSCL 2015 - Conference Proceedings (pp. 9-10). (Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, CSCL; Vol. 1). International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS).

Chesler, N. C., Arastoopour, G., D'angelo, C. M., Bagley, E. A., & Shaffer, D. W. (2013). Design of a professional practice simulator for educating and motivating first-year engineering students. Advances in Engineering Education, 3(3). 041b061a72


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