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Where To Buy Fidelity Jeans

Launched in 2005, Los Angeles-based label Fidelity is one of the names on the fashion circuit showcasing its own credentials in the premium denim market. Instead of pledging its allegiance to either kind, the label uses both Italian and Japanese denim throughout its collections to create a range of authentic clothing. With a focus on the detailing and construction, each piece of clothing is created in small batches to ensure that the brand's high standards and emphasis on impeccable quality are maintained throughout. See its jeans for a range of styles, including straight and skinny fits, in different washes.

where to buy fidelity jeans

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Achieve a modern and timeless look with these jeans from Fidelity. This low rise girlfriend fit provides comfort and style with a light blue wash, gunmetal hardware and subtle destruction details. Rolled cuff design personalizes your everyday casual look.

I love jeans so much that it's unreal, so when I got an email from Canadian born, Fidelity Denim saying they wanted to send me a couple of pairs of the holidays, I was like "yes please!". If you guys watched my UCM video interview, talking about my denim obsession, you'll know that I have skinny legs. For that reason I chose the skinniest pair that I could find through the Fidelity lookbook and ended choosing the Belvedere (seen in this post) and the Mila. As for the colour, I'm wearing the Sleath Dark, a deep indigo wash that looks black at first glance but is actually a deep blue.

Based on my past experience with Fidelity (here), I knew I had to size down from my usual Rag & Bone jeans. Once I did that, I found the denim hugged my hips and my legs better. The jeans are really comfortable and stretchy but I only wish the leg was cut slimmer, but again that's probably because I have skinny-minnie legs. Since I'm petite, I found the length of the jeans were a little long, but that doesn't bother me since I usually cuff my jeans anyway. I styled them bunched up in this post to stay true to the laid back, rock and roll vibes from my personal style.Thank you Fidelity for rocking me out in your denim! #DevotedToDenimxo, Nathalie

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