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Vc Mario Tennis 64 Wad Pal

since they added these modes, the gameplay has taken a huge step back. the walls jumped are stuck at the bottom of the screen; they do no damage if you try to "spike" a character. you get nothing when you lose a battle. your character ages very fast, and it's difficult to get a high level. they also dropped the mii characters. they even dropped the character artwork, and instead they have generic artwork of the fighters.

vc mario tennis 64 wad pal


in the hero mode, you will select one of seven characters, and you'll get to play as them throughout the game. in addition to the three new battle modes, this game has the ability to change characters after the second level. a new feature is the ability to pick up the coins from the stage and carry them with you into the next level. this is the single most enjoyable part of the game for me. you can use them as currency to buy new characters, weapons, and more. the trade shop has expanded with more than one item to buy. the options include mushrooms, fire flowers, treasure chest to open, extra lives, and mii characters.

i got a switch two weeks ago with the switch original (although the hdmi cable i got initially was faulty) and it was surprisingly easy to figure out. it's basically using the handheld for what it's designed for, connecting to your hdtv. since i had a lot of trouble getting hd tv with the nes games, that's good. the switch works very well for all three of the switch games (i have the new super mario bros. u one at home, splatoon 2 at work, and mario tennis aces on my n64).

like tetris, the original mario tennis ends when a player manages to land four of his or her own balls in a row. it's like golf, except you're hit by the ball and not a stick. up to four players can play, and the further away the ball lands from the racket, the higher score you get. it's not as game-breaking as tetris, but a lot of fun. each level has a certain theme, which varies from "natural landscapes" to "shake n' go" music.


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