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Cbt Nuggets Vmware Nsx 17

this course, is a follow on from the vcp5-nv course. this vcp course series is designed to cover topics that you can include in your cv to give your resume that added credential of vmware certified professional. it is the follow up of the vcp5-nv course that was available on the altaro vmware dojo. this course is the hardest exam you can take for the vsphere certifications. those looking to pass this exam should probably consider taking some other vsphere certification courses.

cbt nuggets vmware nsx 17


i believe that a great deal of things happen and change while you are on vacation, and this course can be a good opportunity to find out if you still want to pursue vcp certifications. for those who have just recently started a job in it, while this course might be a bit much to start with, it might be something to work towards. in a similar fashion, if youve had some experience in it but have been out of the field for some time, while you may not have a formal resume, you might be able to use this as a resume builder towards passing some vmware certifications.

in addition to the course on vmware certified professional, this course also covers nsx-t in-depth concepts that supplement the vcp course that is much more focused on vmware vsphere itself. in particular this course covers the vmware nsx infrastructure products and how they fit into the vmware product portfolio and is covered in much more depth.

for these reasons, this is a high level course and is not targeted towards vmware certified professionals. nsx-t is a fairly new product from vmware and there is a lot that has changed since the last time that i took this course. while the course on vmware certified professional is more focused on the fundamentals of vmware vsphere, this course is a lot more focused on the core technologies used in nsx.


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