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In this collection of 35 cased images there are a few examples of a particularly rare version of the relievo technique; a double ambrotype, which is a relievo ambrotype portrait mounted on top of a second ambrotype that serves as a background image. This was a 19th century version of super-imposing one photograph on top of another one, achieving not only a 3-dimensional quality, but the potential to give a studio portrait a specialized background. Additional variations on the relievo technique include portraits with hand-painted or other types of decorative backgrounds. While relievos are almost always ambrotypes, this collection includes one very unique daguerreotype portrait in which the background has been painted gold, isolating just the figure to give the illusion of relief.


Last year QQ asked Unbox to curate a touring exhibition of Unbox artists and up & coming character designers.Each artist submitted artwork to Unbox who transformed it into a 3d model that could be printed as a three dimensional releivo. We produced a blind box series of 'mini relievo' to accompany the tour & will be offering these to international customers this weekend.

Relievo bindingsScope NoteUse for bindings of deeply embossed leather executed in Leake's patent relievo process (1846-1850s).Used ForLeak's patent relievo leather bindingsUsed ForLeak's relievo leather bindingsUsed ForRelievo leather bindingsBroader TermEmbossed bindingsBroader TermLeather bindingsHistory NoteTerm added 01/01. Send comments to RBMS Controlled Vocabularies editors.

It is believed that the game was brought over from the British Isles, due to its similarities to a game called Bedlams or Relievo.[8] According to Stewart Culin, relievo became ring relievo and then ringoleavio.[9] A similar game, called Prisoner's Base, was played by members of Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery against a group of Nez Perce.[10][11]

The relievo ambrotype was introduced by a Glasgow photographer named Urie about 1854. He painted the back of the figure and any furniture with a black paint, and scraped away the background. Then he put a piece of glass and a piece of white card behind, which made the portrait stand out with a relief effect.

Age-related changes in female skin microrelief (33 nonsmoking women at the age from 17 to 80 years) were analyzed by the use of VISIOSCAN VS 98. Measurements were taken on inner side of left forearm at the distance of 2 cm away from the bend of the elbow. It was demonstrated that most responsive indicators of skin chronological aging in magnitudes of correlation coefficient (R) and time increment (I) of age-related changes are the following skin microrelief parameters: V(relievo), R = 0.45, I(V) = 1.06; Ser (roughness), R = 0.58, I(Ser) = 1.13; Sew(wrinkles), R = 0.48, I(Sew) = 1.03. Based on microrelief parameters, the combined equation of morph functional skin age (T) has been derived by the multiple linear regression: T = -61.66 + 0.15 V + 20.05 Ser + 1.67 Sew. The multiple regression coefficient is equal to 0.72.

The picture of Raphael is in the Vatican; the basso (or perhaps the alto) relievo of Algardi on one of the altars of St. Peter's (see Dubos, Reflexions sur la Poesie et sur la Peinture, tom. i. p. 519, 520). Baronius (Annal. Eccles. A.D. 452, No. 57, 58) bravely sustains the truth of the apparition, which is rejected, however, by the most learned and pious Catholics. 041b061a72


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