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Sakisada Eliyas Sinhala 11

Sakisada Eliyas Sinhala 11

Sakisada Eliyas is a popular Sinhala teledrama that aired on Swarnavahini TV in 2023. The story revolves around Eliyas, a young man who returns to his village after studying abroad. He falls in love with Sakisada, a beautiful girl who belongs to a rival family. Their love faces many challenges and obstacles as they try to overcome the hatred and enmity between their families.

The 11th episode of Sakisada Eliyas was aired on March 28, 2023. In this episode, Eliyas and Sakisada decide to elope and get married secretly. They plan to leave the village at night and go to Colombo. However, their families get suspicious of their absence and start looking for them. Meanwhile, a group of thugs hired by Sakisada's uncle attack Eliyas and Sakisada on their way. They manage to escape but get separated in the dark. Eliyas reaches Colombo and waits for Sakisada at a hotel, while Sakisada gets lost and ends up in a slum area.


Will Eliyas and Sakisada reunite and live happily ever after? Will their families accept their love and forgive them? Watch the full episode of Sakisada Eliyas Sinhala 11 on YouTube or SoundCloud to find out.


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