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Have you grown tired of your couches, armchairs, and conference room furniture? Are you making a change or relocating your office? Why not sell your old furniture to make room for new and exciting pieces? Office Furniture Expo buys select used furniture from Atlanta, GA companies looking to clear out space, upgrade and transform their space. We buy almost everything under the sun, from chairs, desks, and credenzas, to bookcases, shelving, and conference tables. Almost anything goes, so contact us today to get started.

buy sell used office furniture

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For every chair, desk, and conference table purchased at our used office furniture store, one less chair, desk, and conference table is produced using mass production. By selling us your furniture, you contribute to a process that uses no harmful energy or consumption of resources. It saves trees and reduces your carbon footprint. The benefits of turning your old furniture into someone else's new furniture go well beyond helping the environment. You can accurately claim to be a green-focused company, which will help your ability to draw new clients. So contact us for a free quote.

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs has been purchasing quality used office furniture in the valley since 1986. We buy truckloads of office furniture weekly from small, medium, and large companies that are either upgrading their office furniture, relocating, downsizing, consolidating operations or going out of business. Over the years we have purchased used office furniture from thousands of businesses including many Fortune 500 companies.

We buy desks, files, task chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, lobby furniture, bookcases, conference tables, cubicles, even art and other misc. office fixtures. We always pay top dollar for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. If you have any of these items for sale contact us today for a quote.

We are professionals when it comes to office furniture and your business. We know the importance of timeliness, discretion, and working with a responsive team that will get the job on time and for the right price. We are fully insured and capable of removing (and installing) any office furniture item you have, whether it be a small office chair or 100 large u-shape desks, we can handle it without leaving any trace we were ever there.

Note for national liquidations: We do not purchase used furniture nationally in less than truckload quantities due to prohibitively high shipping costs. If you have a semi-trailer or more of quality used office furniture we may be interested in purchasing it and would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Due to the logistics and high costs of purchasing office furniture out of state, we require at least a tractor trailer worth of office furniture to consider starting the liquidation process.If you have a large amount of office furniture that you are interested in liquidating, please fill out the form on this page or email an excel sheet with the inventory, along with photos of the items to: info@azoffice.comCONTINUE

We buy previously-owned office furniture in great condition. If you are looking to upgrade your office furniture from our new showroom, but have no idea what to do with your old furniture, give us a call. We buy gently used desks, storage cabinets, cubicles, seating, tables, and more! For a fair price, you eliminate the hassle of finding someone to take old furniture off your hands, so you can focus on an updated office look. We make the process easy for all of our customers. All we need from you is the number of items, their age, condition, the manufacturer(s), and the date they are available for purchase. Upon reviewing this information, we will make you an offer, and the deal is done.

Let Discount office Equipment help with the transformation of your workspace. For a better idea of the types of furniture we buy, or if you are interested in selling your gently used office furniture, contact our showroom at (248) 548-6904 or stop into our Oak Park, MI location.

We primarily buy used cubicles, and specifically Haworth-brand cubicles. If you are looking to sella large quantity of used Haworth cubicles, please do contact us right away. We are oneof the largest buyers in the country for this type of product and will buy this product fromend-users, liquidators, and brokers.

  • The most important thing we need to give you a quote on your office furniture is a detailed list of what you have.Here are some guidelines for how that should look:Include any model numbers, e.g. EFN-442

  • Make sure you have an accurate quantity - we typically by the "panel" or "piece" and not by the "cube", although we can buy by the cube if you need us to.

  • Note the color in basic terms, e.g. "dark gray" or "light blue"

  • List dimensions, especially for file cabinets, e.g. 72" high, 36" wide, 24" deep.

  • Provide relevant descriptive attributes, e.g. for file cabinets, number of drawers.

  • We often are asked to buy office furniture "sight unseen", which means we have to decide on a price before we ever see it. We sometimesdo this and we sometimes don't, and that comes down entirely to the qualtiy of the photos.Here's a guide to taking photos of your used office furniture:Try to take the photos by standing back a bit so we can see the whole product.

  • Make sure we can see all sides of the product

  • Definitely include photos of any manufacturers' labels -- this helps a great deal

  • If there's an entire room full of a particular type of product, e.g. cubicles, send us at least one photo of that

  • Try to show us the space so we can give us an idea of how we will remove it. Especially true if you don't have elevators, we must use stairs, etc.Don't compress the images--we need to see the detail. If you must compress them, don't go beyond "medium".

  • When you email us the photos, we recommend you use a file sharing service like Dropbox to send the photos -this will avoid email file size limits and make sure we get all the detail.

  • If you can't use a service and must use email attachments--don't compress the images too much. A good image should be 200KB or more, and have a resolution ofat least 1000 pixels or more in each dimension.

  • The contact email at the bottom of the page is the right place to send inquiries for buying used office furniture. Remember, we need the following:A list with model numbers, descriptions, colors and quantities

  • Reminder: we can only buy Haworth-brand cubicles, see above for how to identify them.

  • High-res photos of each type of item you'd like to sell

  • A description of your situation: what floor is it on, what is your timeline, do you want us to take the things we can't buy, etc.

By selling or properly disposing of your used office furniture, you're making a huge difference in the environmental footprint of the world around us. Just imagine how much landfill space would be taken upif you didn't properly recycle it.

For more information, please contact us today. We are an office furniture liquidator buying from businesses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Brandon, Cape Coral, Orlando, and throughout Florida.

If you are going out of business, downsizing, upsizing, or redesigning your office space, Office Furniture Warehouse can offer you top dollar for your used office furniture. We offer competitive purchase prices as well as furniture removal to eliminate the hassle and free your time to focus on running your business.

Whether you are in the market to sell or buy, contact our team below to request a quote on cubicles, workstations, seating, or more. Our design team will use their extensive experience to give you a used furniture quote as well as help analyze your needs and find the perfect new furniture for your office.

Selling used furniture is a great way to earn money on the side while avoiding an unwanted collection of furniture pieces. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can sell your furniture at reasonable prices.

Furniture Finders enables you to use more than 10 matching units to find a buyer for your second-hand furniture. The most common type of furniture accepted by the store is used office furniture. Head straight to Furniture Finders if you are replacing your office furniture to sell your old ones.

Furniture Finder will engage a local dealer to give you a quote. You can either go ahead with the sale or continue to look for a better buyer. When selling furniture, ensure that you include pictures of your furniture to drive interest to your post. Visit Furniture Finders here.

Craigslist is one of the most patronized internet classified sites in the USA and one of the best places for you to sell used furniture. You can list your furniture for free in a few minutes using its easy-to-navigate interface.

Ruby Lane is a reliable place to both buy and sell used furniture, primarily vintage pieces. Whatever you want to sell here must be expensive and high-end designs. All products listed are subject to a 3.75% service fee charge. If you adore vintage pieces and antique furniture, Ruby Lane is the site to visit. Visit Ruby Lane here.

If you are confused about where to go to sell your used office furniture, look no further than Arizona Office Liquidators and Design. Through them, you can sell used lobby furniture, files, chairs, desks, tables, and more. Apart from your typical furniture pieces, they also accept artwork and other fixtures. To sell your items via their website, give them a call or submit a quote online. Visit Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs here.

Many people think Facebook is just a social media platform used to communicate with their family and friends. While this is true, Facebook also has a marketplace for people to buy and sell online quickly and easily.

To locate antique stores that buy used furniture, you can check your local yellow pages. Alternatively, you can also use the database. There are over 30,000 listed antique dealers that will be eager to purchase your furniture from you at a reasonable price. Visit here. 041b061a72


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