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march 27, 1967, danese made a written complaint to the springfield police regarding the march 20 larceny of the gto, signed and sworn before chief of police t. l. gailey. in said complaint danese related he had seen guerro steal the car and claimed to have witnessed the theft. the complaint was not detailed as to how danese claimed to have seen guerro steal the car or if he had actually seen guerro. (4) on march 29, 1967, an urlacher tourer, new hampshire registration number 125e, with the same license plate number 125v, as the 1966 gto was found parked at the rear of the burdets garage in worcester. the car had apparently been ransacked by an unknown person or persons and left its doors open. its front doors were jammed so tightly closed that only the first letter of the car's new hampshire license plate "e" could be seen. nothing else was in the car. (5) on april 4, 1967, $930 was stolen from the royal bank of toronto trust company of toronto, canada, by an unknown person, using guerro's and william larson's new hampshire driver's licenses. the $930 was taken from two separate accounts belonging to henry j. bennett at the royal bank. neither guerro nor larson had active accounts at the royal bank. (6) on april 23, 1967, an urlacher tourer license plate 125e, matching the description of the urlacher that had been stolen from the burdets garage, was found by police in the parking lot of a worcester parking lot. the license plate was missing its side license plate and its former dealer's license plate, a 1967 p-85 numbered 8338m, was mounted on its back. the license plate had been covered with cellophane and its lock removed. (7) on april 24, 1967, a search warrant was issued by the municipal court of springfield, massachusetts, directing seizure of an urlacher tourer with the new hampshire registration number 125e and was located at a garage on fleet street in springfield. the car had not been started or driven. several burdets' garage tools and equipment was found in the car. a 1968 henry j. bennett new hampshire title and registration certificate was also found in the glove compartment. (8) on may 3, 1967, an urlacher tourer, new hampshire registration number 125e, as described in paragraphs 4 and 5 of the affidavit, was found parked at pagnotti's garage on haverhill street in lawrence. the car had been ransacked and the two tires had been cut off and removed. the engine was warm. the owner, mrs. kenneth lee, testified that she had had the car garaged for seven weeks and that it had been missing for one week. mrs. lee had no other source of income and the car, a 1968 chevy, had a value of $2,000 to $2,500. police were still trying to determine whether the car was stolen.

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