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Few comprehensive primary prevention approaches for youth have been evaluated for effects on multiple types of violence. Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships (Dating Matters) is a comprehensive teen dating violence (TDV) prevention model designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluated using a longitudinal stratified cluster-randomized controlled trial to determine effectiveness for preventing TDV and promoting healthy relationship behaviors among middle school students. In this study, we examine the prevention effects on secondary outcomes, including victimization and perpetration of physical violence, bullying, and cyberbullying. This study examined the effectiveness of Dating Matters compared to a standard-of-care TDV prevention program in 46 middle schools in four high-risk urban communities across the USA. The analytic sample (N = 3301; 53% female; 50% Black, non-Hispanic; and 31% Hispanic) consisted of 6th-8th grade students who had an opportunity for exposure to Dating Matters in all three grades or the standard-of-care in 8th grade only. Results demonstrated that both male and female students attending schools implementing Dating Matters reported 11% less bullying perpetration and 11% less physical violence perpetration than students in comparison schools. Female Dating Matters students reported 9% less cyberbullying victimization and 10% less cyberbullying perpetration relative to the standard-of-care. When compared to an existing evidence-based intervention for TDV, Dating Matters demonstrated protective effects on physical violence, bullying, and cyberbullying for most groups of students. The Dating Matters comprehensive prevention model holds promise for reducing multiple forms of violence among middle school-aged youth. Identifier: NCT01672541.

little teen model

Fast-fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing, has once again been warned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for sexualizing its models, this time teen influencer, Alabama Barker, daughter of Blink 182 drummer and Kourtney Kardashian's stepdaughter, is at the center of the dispute.

The campaign in question saw the 16-year-old (at the time of the shoot) brand ambassador featured on the retailer's website along with her clothing collection, 'Y2K Edit'. Here she modeled a collection called 'Y2K is Calling'.

The complainant accused the ad of portraying someone under 18 in a sexual way. Pretty Little Thing said it chose the teen because its customer base is primarily between 16 and 24 years old. The campaign was based on the Y2K trend which is popular with this audience. The retailer also stated that it "did not intend to sexualize Ms Barker and disagreed that she was portrayed in a sexual manner.

Sofía Jirau, the 24-year-old model from Puerto Rico, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her new campaign with Victoria's Secret with her 201,000 followers. Speaking to Insider via a translator, Jirau recalled the moment she got the call that she'd been hired by Victoria's Secret.

"I'm very happy and appreciative of this opportunity I'm getting," Jirau, who has been modeling since 2019, said. "Since I was a little girl I've been aspiring to be a model and this is just catapulting me into the modeling career I want to develop."

"Thanks to all of you for always supporting me in my endeavors," she wrote. "Thanks to @victoriassecret for seeing in me a #WithoutLimits model and making me part of the Love Cloud Collection inclusion campaign."

Jirau is already an accomplished model, having walked in New York Fashion Week in 2020, but she's also an entrepreneur, running an online fashion store called Alavett, a colloquial phrase in Puerto Rico that means "I love it."

In June 2021, Victoria's Secret announced it was undergoing an image overhaul that included abandoning the Victoria's Secret Angels, a group of famous models synonymous with the face of Victoria's Secret since the 1990s. In its place came the VS Collective, a new group of brand ambassadors including US soccer star Megan Rapinoe and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who help promote a refreshed image that's meant to be more diverse and inclusive.

Cece is an L.A.-based former professional model, now bartender, and also the best friend of Jess Day. She has also become the on-off love interest of Schmidt. She is loving and protective of Jess, but blunt, and gives good dating advice. Her father died when she was twelve, and her relationship with her mother was strained in her teens, as both were headstrong. Her parents are of Indian descent, but Cece was born in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys going to clubs and dancing, but she eats healthy and exercises to maintain her appearance. After deciding she was too old to be a model, she started bartending at The Griffin. She also decided to get her GED.

Cece is introduced in New Girl's opening scene. Wanting to wow Spencer, her boyfriend of six years, Jess is riding in the back of a cab with nothing on but a trench coat, and she's nervous. She calls Cece for encouragement, and Cece, much more experienced in matters of sex, eggs Jess on. But when Jess discovers that Spencer has been cheating on her, she swiftly moves out, devastated. She lives with Cece and her roommates - who are all models - for two weeks, but quickly tires of it. She finds a more permanent place to live when she responds to an online ad - for the L.A. loft with Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. It's Cece's job as a model, and her place in Jess' life, that helps an enthusiastic Schmidt make the executive decision that Jess should move into their apartment.

One week after Jess moves in, Cece meets the guys for the first time. She stares them down on the sofa, and Schmidt removes his shirt to show off his toned torso, prompting Nick and Coach to pass him the "Douchebag Jar" for a series of unabashed donations. His attraction to her is instant. Cece promises the guys she'll crazy-murder them if they let anything bad happen to Jess, who is preparing for a rebound date in her bedroom. Schmidt offers one sexist comment too many, and Cece gets up, exasperated, to check on Jess. She finds her lying on the floor of her room in red heels, trying to rock a pair of overalls for a "hot farmer's daughter" vibe. But Cece isn't about to let her leave the house looking like that, so she gives her the little black dress she has on already. Cece promises Jess she can date again successfully, no matter how hurt she was by Spencer's betrayal. Incidentally, Cece actually does manage to rock the pair of overalls.

Jess visits Cece at a modelling shoot, and relays how she accidentally walked in on Nick, dancing naked in his room to Jamaican music, and laughed at the sight of his penis. Jess is mortified, and Cece reminds her that she's always been nervous about anything that has to do with sex, as far back as she can remember. Jess doesn't know what to do because Nick won't even look at her, so Cece suggests she can make it even. "You've seen his, now show him yours," she advises her.

Schmidt visits Cece, who is feeling unglamorous on the set of a shoot for a Bolivian diet pill called Elgatrex, to give her a Christmas gift. She's sitting with the Before Girl, a model who looks just like Cece, but he's dismayed to find she's also there with her new model boyfriend, Kyle, who makes out with Cece right in front of Schmidt's face. Schmidt asks Cece to be proud of him for the fact he's not staring at her body while they speak, despite the fact she's dressed in nothing but a black bikini. The gift is a homemade perfume called Cecelia No.5 - concocted with scents that remind him of her - base notes of cocoa because of her "brown-ness," sea salt because it sounds like Cece, and sandalwood - "always up to no good," he explains. Moderately disturbed, Cece thanks him for the gift before she has to return to work, and awkwardly says she'll see him that night for his office Christmas party while Kyle looks on.

Cece drops off Schmidt blocks from the loft, still refusing to be seen with him by anyone they know. Schmidt is getting frustrated by his lack of control in their relationship, and tells her as much, while he remarks on the bad neighborhood she's leaving him in. She tries to calm him down by reminding him that they're just trying to be a little spontaneous, but he gets out of the car, upset, and she frowns.

Jess shows up at Cece's apartment, ready for a training run. She's entered them into a charity six-mile run, but Cece has forgotten their plans and makes an excuse not to go, roping the models into her ruse. She finally manages to push Jess out of the apartment, and Schmidt emerges from under the sofa cushions, having narrowly avoided being caught with her. Once Jess is gone, Cece chastises her racist Russian roommate, Nadia, for laughing at Schmidt.

Schmidt visits Cece at a modelling shoot, and she's disheartened to find out he's now in a hard cast because his penis hasn't healed properly. No matter how sexy she tries to be, there's no chance of him getting aroused while this new hard cast is on. Cece gets called to the set - a sexy scene on the back of a missile, and Schmidt immediately gets jealous of the provocative posing she does with her Adonis-like modeling partner, Gino.

After work, Cece heads over to the loft and finds their new roommate, Neil, moving in a box that growled in the elevator. She tells Jess that Schmidt freaked out at her modeling gig, just as he phones to report that Nick freaked out over his decision to move in with Caroline, drove to the desert, and threw his keys off a large hill.

It's Cece's birthday, and Jess shows up on her doorstep with a homemade cake. But Cece refuses to eat it, because she has to be careful what she eats before the car show she has booked for the next day. Jess can't believe she won't eat cake, and is disappointed to discover that their usual plans for Cece's birthday - hanging in for a girls' night - have been replaced by a party that Cece and the models want to go to. Jess hates clubbing, and Cece reminds her of the time she ruined her birthday, which Jess still insists was her fault for punching her in the chest. Finally, she agrees to go out because she cares about Cece. 041b061a72


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