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1997 Coleman Pop Up Specs

We have seen prices below $3000 for the 1997 and we have seen some nice looking 1998 and 2002 going for $1800 and $2495. The price you pay will depend on the seller and how they value their pop-up camper.

1997 Coleman Pop Up Specs

There may be room to negotiate as well. One 1998 model kept in good condition was listed at $4500 and you may be able to talk the owner down a little in price. What we are saying is that the price for the 1997 and other model years for the Sea Pine are all over the map, it will depend on condition, use, owner, and so on.

Isol-Aid viewers can stumble across their new favourite act and end up buying their music and merch, just like at real gigs. Comments in the live feed are displayed alongside the performances, to mimic the way festivalgoers perform identity at a live gig. The festival sometimes exposes artists to wider audiences and has democratised gigs for regional fans, as well as people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, who might have had trouble getting down to venues. All the money raised goes to Support Act, which has been helping musicians through hardships since 1997. And, more recently, the Victorian Government chipped in with grant money so, now, each Iso-Aid act receives a performance fee.


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