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For The Culture (Groove Assassin Vocal Dub Remix) [TOP]

The core of this mix was played on Pressure Radio at the end of Feb. At the time I thought it would be released by the following weekend. Instead here we are on the last weekend in March. Time has flown this month that's for sure.There are a few different styles in this months mix. We start off on the deep side with artists like Shur-I-Kan and Milton Jackson before moving into a chilled vocal section led by one of Sydney's finest "Yogi"- one half of Random Soul. It's great being able to play music by people you actually know and Yogi lives down the road.For you lot on the top side - the Northerners (hemishpere that is) we have an early taste of summer courtesy of The Disclosure project. It's real top down cruise music. We follow that up with another gem from them in the form of "Piano Madness".Speaking of playing tracks by people you know it also gives me great pride to drop a couple of tracks by Pressure radios very own John Mateo, one half of legendary Mateo & Matos. It comes via a recent release by Glasgow Underground celebrating releases from 97 to 07. It's a great purchase if your looking for something to spend your hard earned pennies on.The mix switches again at this point into the bumping chugging deep European sound with some crackers - pick of the bunch being the inform Opolopo,We up the tempo again for a more house thumping sound featuring an Oliver Dollar remix of "This Old House"for those that remember the orig back in the mid 00's. Mr Phillips sounds like Pressure's own Kevin Anthony. Cracks me up everytime!One of my favourite bits of this mix are the two tracks that come in next - "Our Music" and "How You Feelin". I'm not a big fan of remixes of classics, but this time it's priceless. Trakheadz remix of "Our Music" is like marmite - you either love it or hate it. I am firmly in the Love camp.As always we keep turning the screw as the mix progresses so it's into the chunky stuff for a few.We round the mix out with a trip down memory lane for all those that remember Miguel Mig's timeless "Nude Dimensions"series. The track is from vol 3. and again acquired via the Glasgow Underground compilation. It's a great chill and watch the sunset track.

For The Culture (Groove Assassin Vocal Dub Remix)


Yep that's right not just smooth but Kojak smooth - but don't go expecting much phunk - we only have one Dave Lee track in here.This week's show was moved to Friday as people were telling me they couldn't get access to the stream. I also couldn't see whether I was streaming or not, so best option was to postpone.Big thanks to Leah and Jules for keeping me company in the chatroom on the Friday.The mix opens with some serious pitch action. The first two tracks are originally 114 and 119 BPM - ever so gently squished up to 124! Gives them a different feel and I for one like it.The mix flows from deep to smooth, with a healthy dollop of deepness. The vocals then kick in with "Closer", "Lucky" and "Let's Stay Home".The tempo picks up and gets all Phunky courtesy of Dave Lee with his excellent mix of "Love Today". We get a cheeky Chicago slap from Cajmere on "Feel It" before getting all grown up and jazzy with Tob, Der B-r. Sean McCabe keeps things bouncin' along before the first of three (yes three!) tracks from the inform Ross Couch. Not often every track from an EP get's rinsed in the same set these days, but it would have been rude not to, and besides I couldn't decide on which one to play, so why not play them all. The mix takes on that new electronic sound with Audiowhores and Richard Earnshaw on remix duty. We then have the first of two blasts from the past, "You Took My Lovin" is a spring chicken at 19 years old. One of the original NNR releases and very different sounding to the rest of the releases on the label. The pensioner title though goes to Mr Monday's "Future" a favourite of mine harking back to 1990 - yes that's 23 years old. Old enough to have gone to Uni and have the degree in "Top Shelf Choonage" that it deserves. The mix ends with a new track from Deetron that I couldn't decide where to place in the mix, but I think it sounds at home switching off the lights and sending you all on your way.If Kojak were still fighting crime today you'd like to think he'd be blasting this out of his old brown 1974 Buick Century Regal with the magnetic red light flashing away while booting it round the streets of NY kicking ass, sucking his trusty lollipop and admiring his smooth shiny barnet....."who loves ya baby?"

To mark this milestone we have a special show as we pay homage to one of NYC finest contributors to house music - Victor Font, better known as Mr V - head honcho of Sole Channel music.Recently rediscovered some of the now classic releases over the years and have been dropping them into mixes. The guys in the chatroom commented on how they were loving the vybe, so I thought why not make a show dedicated to the sound.An untouchable skill for producing the smoothest sounding house around. You can tell a Mr V remix or production instantly, whether it's the rolling beats, warm soothing bassline or silky synths. I think of it as V house - it rolls along effortlessly as if on rails gently rocking you as it goes, while the world passes by.As you can imagine he has worked with many great vocalists through the years which gives us an added bonus to the mix.

This is the first time I have done a mix that celebrates the creative dynamos that live on the windy wet rock we know as the UK. I've tried to represent a mix from the deep to the soulful and of course the sound created there - UK garage. I've also tried to be strict and only use tracks where the producer and remixer are from the UK. In the majority of cases this also includes any vocalists, but a few non UK singers slipped through!

This weeks show had a deeper mellow vibe for the most part. An Africa Deep sound that then headed over to NY in the form of Mr V who posted back 2 back 2 back tracks. His unmistakable smooth rolling sound epitomises the first hour of the show.Big fan of Kyodai so it's no suprise to hear a couple of their tracks in the mix, again back to back.It's then time for some vocal tracks to be added into the mix. Director's cut continue their fine form with their remix of The Layabouts' "Bring Me Joy".Another producer on a great roll is Piers Kirwan. His current sound is similar to Spiritchaser but with a bit more edge.The mix starts to toughen up as we move into UK Garage territory. Have to give a big shout to Andy Ward for the heads up on the insane "Beggin It". Heard it on his show a couple of weeks back and couldn't stop dancing round the room - even though I was trying to iron shirts for work at the time.The mix really toughens up at this point with a couple of tracks from Tuccillo among others.We sign off with a classic from way back in the day. They don't come much bigger.

This mix starts off soft and fury on the outside, but deep inside is a pumping Baltimore core. The opening track "Out of Soul" is very laid back, one for lying in the park watching the clouds roll by. "Desires of the Heart" introduces a more familiar house beat but is still nice n chilled. Mr V shows us his smooth side with "Remember Me". Atjazz is the man to watch, he just adds another dimension to deep. Couldn't choose between the dub and regular mix, so went for both of them. My little boy has a thing for the next track "Gotta Get With Him", has him in fits of laughter. One of my favourite tracks on this mix is "Again", great vocals and piano chords. We go back in time to the early 90's next with Terrence Parkers classic "The Question", followed by Victor Simonellis "Do You Feel Me", both bring back great memories. There were a ton of mixes to choose from on the next track "Never Quite The Same", to be honest I like them all, for this part of the mix and the transition required the Neil Pierce remix is the best fit. I've been trying to drop "Till You Go Home" for a few months now, but the vybe on the mix hasn't been right. Made a few adjustments to get it in this month. I go nuts every time I listen to it. If you were a fan of "Into My Life" by Elements of life from back in 08, you will love this track. It has a couple of transitions, and the last one is timeless. The mood of the mix changes again with the introduction of "Another Generation", a modern disco sound from the maestro Dave Lee. The mix then gets very tight and intense with a distinct wiff of Baltimore madness. Starting with Spen and the Muthafunkas with "Woah!". The track sounds pretty upbeat until "Sweat Shop" is introduced after which things sounds pretty dark, the contrast sounds great. Rick Wade then joins in with some filthy disco mash in "Duke Of Cologne". It's then back to Baltimore for the next three tracks, "You Can't Hide From Yourself", "K.O.N.G" and "Da Bang Banga". We all need a rest after that so we settle back down with "Universal Message" which features a great sample from Full Metal Jacket. We end almost as chilled as we started with "From Your Soul". If your a Spen and Karizma nut you should have had your fill by the time you've finished listening to this one.Tracklisting:1) Don-Ray ft Replife - Out of Soul2) Nick Holder ft Lee Anne King - Desires Of Heart3) DeepCitySoul ft Rainy Payne - Remember Me (Mr V De Ja Vu Main Mix)4) DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love - Let It Feel Good (Atjazz Dub)5) DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love - Let It Feel Good (Atjazz Remix)6) Agev Munsen ft Cassio Ware - Gotta Get With You (Agev Munsen Instrumental)7) Khanya Balani ft Khanyisa - Again8) Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question9) NYs Finest - Do You Feel Me (Club Mix)10) Hippie Torales ft Rosie Gaines - Never Quite The Same (Neil Pierce Remix)11) Josh Milan ft ChinahBlac - Till You Go Home12) Joey Negro pres Akabu - Another Generation (Joey Negro Extended Mix)13) DJ Spen and the Muthafunkaz - WOAH!14) Djinji Brown - Sweat Shop15) Rick Wade - Duke Of Cologne16) Marc Evans - You Can't Hide From Yourself (DP1 Dub Break Mix)17) Karizma - K.O.N.G. (The Good Peoples Mix)18) Deepah Ones - Da Bang Banga19) Funk Mediteranean - Universal Message20) Sole Kitchen - From Your Soul (My Dreams Sole Kitchen 2010 Remix)Enjoy! 041b061a72


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