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How to Download, Install and Use Elearn for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

the alfas were a popular choice as a first car. however, when alfa decided to put a four-cylinder engine in its alfas, the ad campaign proclaimed that this was the first four-cylinder. in fact, alfa had been making four-cylinder engines since the late 1920s, but they had been badged as alfas. when this badging arrangement was dropped in 1936, the car had become a giulietta (meaning that the car was now made for giulietta, and not alfas).

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Elearn English


these are the stages in the development of the alfa romeo giulietta, which started as a variation of the alfa romeo 1900. the car, designed by ferdinando bertarelli, had a side-valve engine and was equipped with a four-speed gearbox. it was so successful that it was used as the basis for the giulietta spider.

the f.f.s. had a flat engine, but this was replaced in 1935 with a transverse v-type engine. that same year, a tubular frame was added to the chassis. the next model, the f.l., retained the tube frame but replaced the engine with a carburated one. in 1936, the spider was introduced, with the tubular frame and v-type engine. it had an open-top body and a metal roof. the spider was the first alfa to be built by the innocenti company in turin.

the second is a lack of power. the 750-series engine was a constant-volume unit, just like that of the earlier 2-litre fiat models. but the 101-series, having been designed for wider bodies, is more spacious. a major consequence is a higher intake manifold pressure. this, plus the lack of a top-mount air filter, means the giulietta's power plant is underbuilt. it's also noisier. as the tuning scene confirms, the 101 is a good car, but it's not the best.


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